Worm Castings (“Vermicast”) 4 Gallon Bag

Worm Castings (“Vermicast”) 4 Gallon Bag


Our worm castings are a must have for anyone growing using natural methods without the use of chemical garden products! Our worms are fed a high quality diet compost and select foods to create a biologically active and nutrient dense product that your garden will love!

Unless you are a Curbside Compost customer, this product is available for pickup at our Haiku or Kula locations only.


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Vermicast is stabilized organic matter produced by the interaction between earthworms and micro-organisms.

Worms castings are a nutrient-rich and microbially active garden amendment.

Adding worm casting to your garden will

  • High in fulvic and humic acids
  • Increase resistance to pest and disease
  • Add beneficial micro-organisms
  • Enhance soil structure and improve drainage
  • Bio-available nutrients and trace minerals
  • Improve yields
  • Will not burn plants

Worm Castings are especially great for transplanting and seed starts!

Delivery Options:

  • For current/active Curbside Compost customers, we can deliver your product for FREE during our next pickup.
  • For all other customers, you can pick up your order at one of our locations (in Haiku or Kula). Upon completing your order, we will email you a link to schedule a time/location to pick up your order


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