Curbside Composting Residential & Small Business Food Scrap Collection Service

How it Works

  1. Sign Up – Sign up here and we will deliver you a clean 5 gallon bucket with lid
  2. Collect your scraps – Fill your bucket with your food scraps throughout the week
  3. Leave your bucket by the curbside – Please leave your bucket out the night before your designated pick up day. We will swap your dirty bucket for a clean one in the morning.
  4. We do the dirty work – We process your food waste using Earth Worms to create rich worm castings that greatly increase soil health for gardeners and farmers
  5. Product Discounts – All curbside composters get discounts on worm casting purchases and free delivery

Raise your own worms at home or on your farm

We sell Red Wiggler Earth Worms so you can begin to compost at home or on your farm

Close your loop and save our Maui landfill! Start your own worm bin in your back yard or on your farm