Our goal is to help Maui be more sustainable and self sufficient by diverting food waste from going to the landfill! We want to provide service and education to the community about why composting is so important. We will help you recycle your food waste and provide gardeners, farmers, and the community high quality products that increase soil fertility and biodiversity of microorganisms in the soil. At the same time we are sequestering carbon and storing it in the soil. Together we can nurture the soil food web & increase the fertility of our soils whether you’re growing in raised beds & pots at home or in the ground on a farm. Increasing soil health will provide the community more locally grown foods that are safe and nutrient dense. We will be combating climate change and reducing our reliance on chemical inputs. Our products are influenced by Korean Natural Farming & Biodynamics geared towards regenerative agriculture and soil health.

I also hope that by working with Mana Microbes I encourage you to dive deeper into the human experience of Life, with the surge of technology we are becoming more distant from nature. I believe gardening with living systems will help people tap back into Earth and increase our overall health as a community. I believe regenerative gardening is a step towards healing our planet and our community health.